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3-Steps to Restoring Your Solar Energy

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Submit as much information as you can about your issue. The more information we have before seeing the troubled system, the quicker we can resolve the issue.


After submitting your information, you will be contacted by a Customer Specialist to schedule a hands-on visit with your home solar system. We will work to get your site visit scheduled as quickly as possible as we know every day that goes by is energy you’re not capturing. 


Our team of technicians has seen every issue a home solar system can have. A NovaSource solar service technician will troubleshoot your system, diagnose the problem and resolve the issue, bringing life back to your previously troubled system.

What you get with Your Service Call

Put your trust in NovaSource to get your solar functioning again!

Gain peace of mind knowing the nation’s largest residential solar service provider is with your solar system. With more than 50,000 home visits, we far exceed the experience of any other residential solar service company.

Schedule Your Appointment

You’ll have a preliminary scheduling call with Customer Service Representative to gather essential site information and visitation time. 

Your Technician Arrives

A certified NovaSource Solar Service Technician will arrive at your home within the agreed-upon service window discussed with the Customer Service Representative. 

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Dedicated Time for Repairs

You’ll have two hours of technician time on location working directly with your system to resolve your issue and repair your solar.

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Findings Report

A full report of our findings will be provided to you after our technician has completed their work and it has been reviewed by our quality assurance team.

Example Home Solar Services

We understand the challenges faced throughout your solar energy system’s lifetime and are committed to providing a premium service that gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your solar investment can be cared for at any time. Our expert technicians, professional customer service, and innovative technology are at your disposal so you can continue enjoying the benefits of solar without worrying should an issue arise.

meter swap

Our Solar Service Technician will install a meter at an existing location and confirm with the manufacturer or reporting party good communication and last kWh reading if available.

critter guard installation

Keep animals from nesting and damaging your system. Our Solar Service Technician will install a critter guard per manufacturer specifications. Document condition of the array before install and after.

site assessment

A Solar Service Technician will conduct a detailed viability study using a supplied system proposal. A detailed shade study will also be conducted, utilizing the Solmetric Suneye tool. Detailed system photos will be provided.

roof leak investigation

The technician is to determine the cause of the roof leak around the solar. They will inspect the roof and, if applicable, attic or other access areas under the roof. The technician will prepare findings and determine, as best as possible, whether the roof leak was caused by the solar installation or was independent of solar installation.


Our Solar Service Technician will determine why your inverter is experiencing error code or performance issues. The technician will perform string testing (if the system has string inverters) on the inverter for repair and contact the manufacturer’s tech support as needed to initiate.


The Solar Service Technician is to replace the inverter, record old and new serial numbers, and confirm operation with the manufacturer prior to leaving the site.


The Solar Service Technician is to replace microinverters and optimizers, record old and new serial numbers and confirm operation with the manufacturer prior to leaving the site.


The Solar Service Technician is to determine the cause of solar monitoring system failure. The technician will troubleshoot the condition of the existing monitor and confirm with manufacturer support that the monitor is no longer operational.


Install the compatible module and replace it in accordance with inverter and racking specifications. The technician will document existing panels and new panel serial numbers.


The Solar Service Technicians will thoroughly document system conditions before and after removal. *Storage and transportation not included.


The Solar Service Technician is to remove all solar components and store them onsite. The technician will reinstall the system according to the original plan set. All additional materials will comply with the original install quality standards. *Storage and transportation not included.


We will provide you with a comprehensive home solar system inspection with images and a fully documented report on system verification, visual reporting, and solar inspection results.


In certain areas, especially near agriculture or desert, dirt and debris can build up on your panels, causing them to produce less energy than they should. The technician will clean the modules and will provide before and after pictures.


We provide technical expertise and recommendations with design, technology, AHJ issues, and consumer/installer
quality concerns.

Inverter Manufacturer Certifications

Panel Manufacturer Certifications

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