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Service Offerings Through Project Lifecycle


Acceptance Testing

Mechanical and  Electrical Testing

Site Inspection

System Start up

As-Built Verification

Regular Operations

Remote Monitoring

Preventive Maintenance

Troubleshooting and Diagnostics

Corrective Maintenance

Module Cleaning

Vegetation Management


Aerial Inspections

Special Projects

Full System Repowering

Portfolio Component Upgrades

SCADA Upgrades

Restoration After Force Majeure Events

Spare Parts & Inventory Management


System Decommissioning

Component Recycling

NovaSource Command Center

Remote Monitoring

NovaSource Command Center

The NovaSource Command Center provides your assets with 24/7/365 monitoring, rapid issue detection, compliance, and cyber security.







Hierarchy of Command Center Priorities

1. 24/7 Asset Monitoring Coverage

  • Ground Current
  • Breaker
  • Inverter
  • Meter
  • Met Sensor
  • Data Acquisition System
  • Trackers
  • Servers and Networks

2. Alarm Management and Issue Detection

  • System Generated Alarm Management
  • Trending Analysis

3. Issue Tracking and Escalation

  • Ticket Management
  • Ticket Generation
  • Ticket Escalation
  • Ticket Closure
  • Ticket Tracking
  • Event Exclusion

4. Remote Troubleshooting and Resolution

  • Sensor Calibration (Pyranometer and Anemometer)
  • Data Logger Program Reset
  • Modem Reset
  • Ion Meter Configuration (CDAS, PVS2)
  • Tracker Controller Reboot
  • N3uron Module Reset
  • Ilon Reboot

5. Support Task

  • 24/7 512 677 674 Hotline Support
  • Data Validation
  • Sites On-boarding
  • Monitoring Platform Admin
  • Alarm Rationalization & Refinement

Remote Monitoring and Operations

High Level Process Flow

Asset Monitoring
  • Dashboard Monitoring (Tool/PI Based)
  • Manual Scanning and Data Analysis
Issue Detection & Validation
  • Alarm Acknowledgment
  • Alarm Prioritization
  • Alarm Validation
  • Documentation/Ticket Creation (EL or SR)
Smart Corrective Maintenance Illustration
Resolution & Escalation
  • Remote/First Issue Resolution
  • Engineering/Field Escalation
Portal Screen 3

NovaSource Communication Difference

Onesource Partner Portal

Company Access

  • OneSource Owner’s Portal – 24/7 access to everything you need to know about your fleet performance yesterday, today, and tomorrow
  • 24/7 Support Line
  • Dedicated Account Manager

Regularly scheduled touch-points

  • Monthly: meeting reviewing KPIs and portfolio strategy, reviewing and updating on open PM/CM work and scheduled site visits
Portal Screen 1
Portal Screen 2


Our core maintenance services are tailored to help clients get the best performance from renewables investments over the long haul.

NovaSource deploys a unique set of strategies for the range of system types




Preventative Maintenance

Our Preventative maintenance checklist verifies the health of your entire system through:

Corrective Maintenance

Our robust team of experienced electrical engineers and solar technicians are fully trained and certified to analyze, test, repair and replace every component of your solar electric facility. Through years of experience in the electrical and solar industries, we have developed the most comprehensive and cost effective solar O&M protocol in the industry today.

Steps of Corrective Action


Issue has been flagged by NovaSource monitoring or on-site evaluation.


Plan of action is determined and accepted by the system owner (if applicable).


Repair is enacted and documented for future reference.


Repair is fully warranted by NovaSource

Aerial Imaging

Market Leader & Largest Global Provider of PV Services 

Heliolytics is the North American market leader and largest global provider of fully-integrated lifecycle photovoltaic (PV) services.

100+ GW

Aerial inspections performed globally

That’s more than our top competitors combined.


Individual sites inspected globally


Average recoverable energy loss detected per year

Supply Chain Solutions

NovaSource offers this differentiated service and continues to invest and build an industry- leading supply chain function to help drive this methodology throughout the market.


Quarterly cycle counts at sites and with consigned inventory
Dedicated warehouse pallet space


Implementing NSPS part numbers across the fleet. Each Work Order will consume out parts so we can track consumption data.


Evaluation of fleet assets and spare part recommendations


Replenishment with minimum on hand and reorder points


Communication with customers, suppliers and technicians

Service Agreement Options

We provide the C&I partners with tiered service categories that are designed to meet the unique needs of the industry:

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