O&M Supply Chain, The Future is Now

As the renewable energy market continues to explode around the world, the need for highly capable Operation & Maintenance (O&M) companies continues to grow. At the end of the day, once the solar fields and panels are installed, someone needs to keep the sites running at peak capacity for the next oh….. 30 years!

To do this, O&M companies need to have exceptional technicians – highly trained people who possess both technical training and skills, and who are at their core, problem solvers capable of solving a wide range of problems – from ensuring that the vegetation at the site is kept at bay to complex mechanical and electrical problems – and everything in between.

One of the areas that tends to get overlooked and yet is no less critical for the ongoing O&M success is the Supply Chain. You could have the best technicians in the world, but if they do not have access to the tools, parts, PPE and machines required to support the site and ensure that it is indeed operating safely and at peak capacity – you will not be able to meet your customers and shareholders requirements and expectations.

Having clear planning/asset and inventory management systems and KPI’s + a fully automated replenishment system for your critical parts – are all keys to success.

To ensure that the O&M Supply Chain is capable of supporting the needs of the O&M market, the Supply Chain needs to be end to end – i.e. having the Sourcing, Procurement, Supplier Management, Inventory Management, Logistics and Planning functions all under the same organizational roof is essential to being able to set up and coordinate systems and processes across these functions. To ensure success, the Supply Chain needs to be looked at holistically, as a well-choreographed system designed to do one thing – ensure that your technicians have what they need, when they need it and in the most cost efficient way possible.

Although every part of the Supply Chain is important and the sum is definitely greater than any one part, the 2 most critical supply chain areas in the renewables O&M world are Planning and Inventory/Parts Management. Ensuring that the assets in the field are being utilized and kept to the max of their capabilities and ensuring that the right parts are available to the field technicians when, where and in the amounts they need – will ultimately determine if you are able to support your O&M business in a cost effective way – or not.

Having clear planning/asset and inventory management systems and KPI’s + a fully automated replenishment system for your critical parts – are all keys to success.

In the renewable energy market and specifically in the O&M market, having a robust supply chain, with emphasis on the Planning and Inventory/Parts Management areas, is the difference between being able to meet your customer commitments and being able to do this in a sustainable, scaleable and cost effective way. The Supply Chain becomes a competitive advantage that supports both Top Line growth and Bottom Line Savings.

The future of the renewable energy market is now – this is also true for the Supply Chain required to support the industry.

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