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O&M Excellence

Run your investment right. We maintain renewables assets to optimize generation and maximize return on investment. With NovaSource, you gain an independent partner that delivers innovative services, actionable insights, safer operations, and data-informed O&M strategies that save operating costs.

How we fuel smart growth …

  • Technology Innovation
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Smart Corrective Maintenance
  • Transparent Performance Reporting
Robotic panel cleaning - Technology Innovation Illustration

Technology Innovation

Reduce maintenance costs, water use, and energy loss with O&M innovation. We leverage the latest technology to respond faster, collect higher quality data, operate more efficiently, and run plants smarter.

We put technology to work …

  • Aerial Imaging
  • Robotic Module Cleaning
  • Electroluminescence Testing
  • Real-Time Video Engineering Support
  • GPS-Enabled Maintenance Tracking

Discover Robotic
Cleaning Benefits

Reduce cleaning costs
even in heavy soil conditions

Clean 20x faster +
enable rapid response

Use 75% less water

Track progress
with GPS-enabled analytics

Mitigate energy loss
with safe night-time cleaning

NovaSource employees at a control panel monitoring O&M sites

Predictive Maintenance

Move beyond time-based maintenance to predictive, just-in-time solutions that save money. With more than 20 years of operating history and multiple gigawatts under management, we have the data, software, and technology to fuel predictive modeling, detect issues before they occur, and prioritize on-target maintenance.

We use data-informed O&M strategies …

  • Alarm Validation
  • Automated Dispatching
  • Work Order Prioritization
  • Scheduled Maintenance Optimization
  • Rationalized Inventory Levels
Smart Corrective Maintenance Illustration

Smart Corrective Maintenance

NovaSource is the independent advisor and expert problem-solver you can trust to act in your best interest. When we see a problem or opportunity for improvement, we tell you. We deliver solutions that minimize downtime, reduce your risk, and put you back in control of total cost of ownership.

We’re your complex issue resolution partner …

  • Emergency Response and Mitigation
  • On-Site Diagnostics and Troubleshooting
  • Equipment Repair and Replacement
  • Project Repowering and Retrofitting
  • Critical Equipment Recovery Planning
  • Supply Chain Logistics and Procurement

Renewables asset owners trust our results.


Excessive Soiling

Adjacent Agriculture Activity Challenged Site Production

12% Annual Soiling Losses Resulted

Novasource Action

Cleaning Optimization

Optimize Cleaning Frequency and Schedule to Address Conditions

Utilize NovaSource Robotic Cleaning Services


Production Gains

Reduced Soiling Losses to 1% Annually

Cleaning ROI >400%


Environmental Challenge

Severe Storms Deliver 5 Lightning Strikes at a Site in 1 Year

100+ Circuit Boards Damaged

Novasource Action

Detect and Re-engineer

Identify Surge Protection Gap Causing Voltage Spikes + Propose 3 Solutions

Complete 275-Unit Retrofit in 1 Month


Dramatic Savings

Storms Deliver 11 New Lightning Strikes the Following Year

Just 2 Circuit Boards Damaged


Obsolete Equipment

10-Year-Old Inverters No Longer Supported with Replacement Parts

Cross-Portfolio Performance Declines Experienced

Novasource Action

Inverter Retrofit

Upgrade 100% of Existing Single-Phase Inverters to New, Three-phase Inverters

Old Inverters Retained in Inventory as Spares for Other Sites


Performance Improvement

20% Inverter Quantity Reduction + 4% Performance Increase

Globalizing Solution to All Sites in Portfolio

Renewables reporting illustration

Transparent Performance Reporting

NovaSource puts you in control of your plant budget and performance. We make the data that guides our O&M strategy available to you in real time. We report on actions we’ve taken and what we recommend to protect your investments. You’ll always know the value we deliver — because we prove it.

We prove our value …

  • Real-Time Performance Dashboards
  • Data Quality Verification
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Performance and Safety Benchmarks
  • Actionable Strategic Insights

Our O&M services are only as good as our people.

We are a collaborative team of renewables innovators, performance optimizers, and risk mitigators who work to accelerate your renewables strategy.

5 world-class
safety managers
650+ O&M experts
20+ years renewables experience

Independent advisors
trusted by 3.5GW
renewables projects
for optimal performance
across 5 continents

team structures focused on safety, striving for
0 reportable incidents

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