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GLOBAL F.E.D. – The Power of Solar Site Data

Ordinarily, increased mass doesn’t lead to increased precision and efficiency— –but when it does, you’ve probably got something remarkable. This seems especially so with companies. As companies grow large, many lose their ability to tailor their services to each and every one of their customers. NovaSource is an exception. We’re larger than ever with approximately […]


NovaSource Expands Lifecycle Services Platform with Acquisition of Heliolytics

AUSTIN, TX (January 5, 2022) — NovaSource Power Services (“NovaSource”), a global leader in solar operations and maintenance services, today announced it has acquired advanced aerial inspections and site data service provider Heliolytics, Inc. This strategic acquisition is highly complementary to NovaSource’s existing O&M portfolio and strengthens the company’s ability to offer best-in-class lifecycle services […]


Pre-COD Services: Early Involvement Is Key

As your operations and maintenance company, NovaSource’s reputation (RE: our long-term viability) depends on your solar plant doing well. With that framing in mind, let’s talk about the activities impacting solar plant performance before we even step onsite (pre-COD). So far, per industry norms, O&M providers haven’t been closely involved in the development cycle of […]

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Introducing: SunStreams

Let’s start with a percentage. 37% This is a powerful number if you own or operate a 1MW+ solar power plant. Why? The answer has to do with NovaSource’s latest in-house innovation: SunStreams. SunStreams is a new tech platform that improves your bottom line by remotely and automatically monitoring the performance of the numerous smaller […]


3G Network: Ready or not, the sunset is here.

3G networks will soon go dark. T-Mobile is set to shut down its 3G network in January 2022, AT&T’s next in February 2022, and Verizon goes last in December 2022. As we know, most distributed generation solar projects depend on these 3G networks to enable remote monitoring, so in order to maintain continuity of operations, all 3G devices need to be replaced with […]


NovaSource Power Services is World’s Largest Solar O&M Provider with Acquisition of First Solar’s North American O&M Business

NovaSource Power Services (“NovaSource” or the “Company”), a portfolio company of Clairvest Group Inc. (“Clairvest”, TSX:CVG), has closed its previously announced acquisition and corresponding merger with the North American operations and maintenance (“O&M”) business of First Solar, Inc. (“First Solar”, NASDAQ: FSLR). The combined business will operate as NovaSource Power Services. NovaSource is now the […]

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Removing Model Bias from Your Guarantee Metric

Our solar prediction tools continue to improve as they incorporate computational advances in modeling irradiance, clouds, shade, PV physics, array heat transfer, inverters, and other dynamic situations.


Solar O&M in a Changing Climate

When we speak to the challenges of operating and maintaining solar plants, we often speak of equipment and quality issues related to panels, inverters, substations, transformers, etc.

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Felipe Silva Aguilar: Blocking Opponent’s Goals on the Soccer Pitch and Meeting Client’s Goals at a Solar Plant

Felipe Silva Aguilar used to spend his days as a lead defender for a professional soccer team, blocking shots and intercepting passes to prevent his opponents from scoring. Today, Felipe manages a large solar project for in Chile.

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Mike Corsetto | The Robotics Champ

Apart from being a full-time robotics engineer, Mike has been volunteering as a Lead Technical Mentor for Citrus Circuits for 13 years now – teaching high school students design, engineering, and programming to build competition-ready robots.


O&M Supply Chain, The Future is Now

As the renewable energy market continues to explode around the world, the need for highly capable Operation & Maintenance (O&M) companies continues to grow.

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