Empowering a renewable world.

From off-grid to utility-scale renewables, we’re here to accelerate your strategy.


Timo Möeller
Chief Growth Officer

Hervé Bouillard
Managing Director
France and Germany

Presentations From Our Team

Tuesday, 13. June

14h30 – 16h with Timo Moeller
Utility-Scale Solar Power I: Trends in Development, EPC, O&M, Asset Management

ICM, International Congress Center Munich, Room 14 A

Discover intelligent O&M

The smarter E Europe 2023,

Booth A4.211,

June 14-16, Munich, Germany


23+ GW renewable assets under management globally

100+ experts on the ground in Europe with 140+ years combined experience in solar

24×7 Monitoring

160+ European projects already under management

“Renewable energy in Europe is at a turning point. As we create the energy infrastructure of the future, expert data analysis and technical innovation will be essential to deliver the reliability and durability Europeans need and expect. At NovaSource we’re future-proofing solar and enabling the industry to build to last.”

– Timo Möeller, President International
and Head of Europe

The team behind NovaSource has been at the forefront of the solar O&M space for decades – first emerging in the 1990s as PowerLight. As the world’s largest O&M service provider since our spin-off from First Solar in 2020, we deliver the most advanced and innovative offerings in the solar O&M space. The scope of our activities enables us to leverage large amounts of data, optimize our AI, and in turn provide far more value to our clients.


Technology Innovation

Reduce maintenance costs, water use, and energy loss with O&M innovation. We leverage the latest technology to respond faster, collect higher quality data, operate more efficiently, and run plants smarter.

We put technology to work

Aerial Imaging
Robotic Module Cleaning
Electroluminescence Testing
Real-Time Video Engineering Support
GPS-Enabled Maintenance Tracking

Data-informed O&M strategies

Alarm Validation
Automated Dispatching
Work Order Prioritization
Scheduled Maintenance Optimization
Rationalized Inventory Levels

Predictive Maintenance

Move beyond time-based maintenance to predictive, just-in-time solutions that save money. With more than 20 years of operating history and multiple gigawatts under management, we have the data, software, and technology to fuel predictive modeling, detect issues before they occur, and prioritize on-target maintenance.

Smart Corrective Maintenance

NovaSource is the independent advisor and expert problem-solver you can trust to act in your best interest. When we see a problem or opportunity for improvement, we tell you. We deliver solutions that minimize downtime, reduce your risk, and put you back in control of total cost of ownership.

Transparent Performance Reporting

NovaSource puts you in control of your plant budget and performance. We make the data that guides our O&M strategy available to you in real time. We report on actions we’ve taken and what we recommend to protect your investments. You’ll always know the value we deliver — because we prove it.

Resolving complex issues

Emergency Response and Mitigation
On-Site Diagnostics & Troubleshooting
Equipment Repair and Replacement
Project Repowering and Retrofitting
Critical Equipment Recovery Planning
Supply Chain Logistics & Procurement

Added Value

Real-Time Performance Dashboards
Data Quality Verification
Root Cause Analysis
Performance and Safety Benchmarks
Actionable Strategic Insights