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GLOBAL F.E.D. – The Power of Solar Site Data

Ordinarily, increased mass doesn’t lead to increased precision and efficiency— –but when it does, you’ve probably got something remarkable. This seems especially so with companies. As companies grow large, many lose their ability to tailor their services to each and every one of their customers. NovaSource is an exception. We’re larger than ever with approximately […]

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Introducing: SunStreams

Let’s start with a percentage. 37% This is a powerful number if you own or operate a 1MW+ solar power plant. Why? The answer has to do with NovaSource’s latest in-house innovation: SunStreams. SunStreams is a new tech platform that improves your bottom line by remotely and automatically monitoring the performance of the numerous smaller […]

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Removing Model Bias from Your Guarantee Metric

Our solar prediction tools continue to improve as they incorporate computational advances in modeling irradiance, clouds, shade, PV physics, array heat transfer, inverters, and other dynamic situations.

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Are Cloudy Days Wrecking Your Performance Metrics?

Do you have a PV Plant that performs well on sunny days and not so well on cloudy days? The issue may not be your equipment, just your mathematics.

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Why You Need Two Ledgers for Performance Accounting

O&M providers should be mindful of two goals. First, they should help you maximize actual equipment capabilities, and they also must help achieve your financial plans.